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The Jan Hanna Band is an Americana/Folk Rock group from the eastern end of Long Island. 

Jan’s many travels on the open road, enriched her passion for a wide range of music, driven by the human spirit

and the best of America. 
Hoping to capture all that in a musical family, she finally found the perfect mix of musicians, Lindsay, Jim, Glenn, “Rev Jim” and Larry Hunter, to form The Jan Hanna Band, with the added enjoyment of being great friends.
With influences by The Eagles, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, bluegrass and country tunes,
The Jan Hanna Band is a happy, light-hearted group that loves to play, entertain and is positively infectious.!


Harmonica, Vocals, Percussion, Squeeze Box


Lead Vocals, Guitar


Lead Guitar, Vocals


Bass, Vocals

Not pictured:
Jim Nanos,
Bosco Michne
Lead Guitar, Vocals



Glenn started playing drums when he was eight years old… “I Just sat at the kit and started playing”. And he hasn’t stopped… playing drums in all the school bands, plays and marching bands. All the while taking private lessons with  drummers Frank Farrell and Charles Perry. While in college in Colorado he played in the College Jazz band and the Dirty Boots Band.  After College came punk bands, original bands, improv bands and a multitude of local cover bands.


Originally from North Carolina, Jan came from a musical family,  her mother being the first woman organist at Radio City Music Hall. 
At 15, her older brother made her learn guitar, so that they could be a duo, and get singing jobs…which they did, at clubs in Southern California & Disneyland. She took it on with a vengeance, playing in as many places as she could, from San Diego, to Chicago to Denver, traveling in her VW bus, she sang for dinners, and flat tire fixes… then touring with Bear Creek Canyon Bluegrass Band,  from Colorado throughout the South, and Geronimo At The Wheel in the Tri-State area.  Her varied career also includes teacher, radio news director, co-host, TV editor & producer.  Her son is also a musician. Jan & her husband  live on a goat & chicken farm, while running their audio-video production business Black Sheep Television, Ltd. in NY.



After serving in Vietnam, Larry built a reputation as a session player and side man in the San Francisco Bay area. He toured and recorded with various headliners as well as with his well-known original band  heroes, sharing stages with the New Riders (NRPS), Jesse Colin Young, Stoneground, Bob Weir and Kingfish, Elvin Bishop, Jan Hammer, and
G.E. Smith, in venues from L.A. to New York City.
He’s been involved in the recording of at least a dozen albums, including two of which he has produced, and his own self-written and produced Cabin Fever. He is preparing to record his next album, and has been having a great time playing with the always fun and entertaining  Jan Hanna  Band !


Jim is regarded to be one of the best electric bass players around. He plays electric and acoustic guitar, but the bass has truly "grabbed his heart." Jim is ready, willing and able to keep that bottom line, for jazz, funk, country and even a little Bach from time to time.  If he had the time to write a bass instructional manual, Page One would include: 1) Lock in. 2) Keep the Groove. 3) Play Interesting Lines. He's very happily married to his wife Patty, an amazing artist, and is the solid rock of the Jan Hanna Band.


Rumors that Jan discovered him under a NYC bridge, are not entirely true;  He was actually in a van down by a river, playing harmonica to anyone who would listen,  fish & squirrels included!
Turns out he’s probably the best harmonica player, side-man, and dog-lover this side of the Shinnecock Canal. 

Lindsay has played with several bands, including Who Are Those Guys and Butterfly Cody…
He happily lives with his loving wife, Diane, and three crazy and lovable dogs.

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