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Management & Booking:

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Jan Hanna: 631-219-6685  email:
Lindsay Reeve: 631-921-8580  email:


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Additional Booking Information:
From full 5 piece band, to single performer.

  • The full 5 piece: Jan Hanna Band
    Jan, Lindsay, Jim McGrath, Glenn Brewster
    And Jim Nanos or Larry Hunter

    Depending on Stage space and budget, 
    we can also accommodate in the following ways:

  • The 4-piece band option:
    Jan, Lindsay, Jim McGrath, Glenn Brewster

  • The Jan  Hanna Trio:
    Jan, Lindsay, Jim McGrath

  • The Jan & Lindsay Duo:
    Jan, Lindsay

  • Or Jan Hanna as a single performer


To book any of the above options:


Contact Jan Hanna: 631-219-6685

Lindsay Reeve: 631-921-8580

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